Drinking Vinegars are all the rage! Let's Make Our Own

Recently I discovered and fell in love with a new brand in the healthy juice market.  I was instantly hooked on how authentic their juices were.  The taste was reminiscent of the pricey freshly bottled options from the fancy juicers.  The minute I finished my first bottle, I wanted more.  Somehow I found myself on their site searching for nearby locations that carried their full line of options.

My attention was diverted the instant I learned that Suja offered "drinking vinegars."  I didn't know what drinking vinegars were but I knew that I wanted 'em.  After reading the product description, I learned that these juice vinegars were tonics that combine the health benefits of apple cider vinegar with probiotics for optimal gut health.

Minutes later, I sourced a nearby location that sold these vinegars. Within an hour, I had my first taste.  It was pretty good.....but, in all honesty, I wanted more.
I felt like I could formulate a similar tonic but with a bit more oomph.  Since this is a national brand, they have to be a bit more cognizant of the flavor profile of their beverages.  I preferred a stronger tonic so I immediately scanned over the ingredients and decided to play around with my own version.

The critical components were:
-Apple cider vinegar or coconut vinegar (with mother)
-Cayenne (optional)
-Fruit flavored juice (optional based on taste preference)

I prefer a stronger ACV taste which is why I decided to make my own at home.  The pre-packaged bottle was a bit milder and easier to drink.  Out of convenience, I opted to use True Lemon packets and crystalized ginger.  Next I added the ACV.  I didn't measure but it was around 2 tablespoons.  Back in the day, I experimented with swallowing a tablespoon of ACV in the morning.  It was sheer torture. But now that drinking vinegars have come into my life, I get a daily dose of ACV without having to suffer through the pain of drinking straight vinegar.

Lastly,  I needed to include probiotics to transform my tonic into a healthy digestion powerhouse.  I didn't have powdered probiotics on hand so I hopped on over to Amazon and purchased this brand.  I love the fact that they're individually wrapped which makes them really convenient for on the go.  GoLive also has flavored probiotic powders which is the perfect option for your home brewed drinking vinegars.

Since then, I've have the pleasure of enjoying a bottle of drinking vinegar each morning.  Back in the day, one would down a glass of lemon water first thing in the morning.  Drinking vinegars are like the next level version of lemon water.  Not only are you enjoying the alkalizing benefits, you're also feeding your digestive system with healthy gut bacteria.  Let's not forget that drinking ACV on a regular basis can help with weight management.

Even though I'll be whipping up batches of drinking vinegar at home, I'll still purchase Suja products whenever I'm away from home.  For years, I've longed for a way to enjoy ACV, lemon/ginger tonic while on the go.  Especially on vacation when I tend to overindulge.  These are perfect and they aren't that expensive.  If you're looking to switch out your morning coffee for a healthier option, or if you just want to add a healthy tonic to your current routine.  Give drinking vinegars a shot.


  1. Thanks for sharing, I love the Suja drinking vinegars but also prefer a stronger ACV taste. I would drink ACV straight all the time if I wasn't worried about damaging the enamel on my teeth and my esophagus :)

  2. Hi Anon,
    I like the stronger taste too! I just make sure to always drink with a straw to protect my teeth.


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