How to Use Oil to Get Your Most Flawless Skin Ever.

Skin Care
While on the phone with a friend, she informed me of the skin woes that she's been experiencing recently.  Her normally perfect skin was going haywire.  Suddenly she was breaking out and her pores were constantly congested.

Without looking at her skin, I made the uneducated hypothesis that her skin was reacting to newly warmer weather.  A lot of things happen when temperatures rise.  Hot weather prompts our pores to produce excess oil which can lead to blockage and breakouts.  Not to mention that our skin might be a little congested from the dead skin cells that accumulate over the winter.

Warmer weather wakes the skin up again. And if we aren't careful, it could mean whiteheads and breakouts that seem to come out of nowhere.

Today, I'm here to offer a solution.  And that solution is possibly the opposite of what you might have in mind.
I'd like to propose that you implement a new step into your cleansing routine that might give you the smoothest skin you've ever had. 

Now might be the perfect time to incorporate oil cleansing into your regimen.

Hear me out....

I'm aware that your skin might be producing more oil than normal and the thought of cleansing with oil is terrifying.  But, I promise you that oil cleansing comes with numerous benefits that your skin will thoroughly enjoy.
 If you aren't familiar, oil cleansing is the process of "cleansing" your skin using a facial oil. Essentially, you apply a small amount of oil on your face and proceed to massage it in for a few minutes.  Something magical happens during that massage.  Normal cleansers do their best to remove dirt and oil on the skin's surface.  But what about the stuff that lays below the surface?  Normally, oil trapped deep in the pores is inaccessible.   With oil cleansing, everything is possible!

The combination of the massaging action and the oil causes our skin to somehow release dried up oil plugging our pores.  This typically happens when we invest enough time into our oil facial massage.  When I consistently oil cleanse before every wash, my skin practically transforms in days.

Clear skin isn't possible if our pores aren't happy.  Oil cleansing really works wonders with the pores.
That's only half of it, oil cleansing also involves one of my favorite anti-aging practices of all time....facial massage.  Without facial massage, our faces lose muscle tone and may show signs of aging prematurely.  Oil cleansing gives us the opportunity to kill 2 birds with one stone. 

I love jojoba and coconut oil for cleansing but feel free to play around with various options until your skin finds its perfect match.  I see that a lot of people are using hemp seed oil to cleanse and I'm excited to give it a try. Another benefit this unique cleansing process is that our skin better retains moisture.  Trace amounts of oil are left on the skin after you wash with your favorite cleanser.  Since the skin has oil present on the surface, it produces less of it.

No one talks about this but there's also the possibility that you're feeding your skin the antioxidants, nutrients and essential fatty acids present in plant oil.  As you take time to massage these oils into your unplugged pores, perhaps your skin will absorb some of the nutrient-rich goodness plant oils have to offer.

If your is acne prone, oil cleansing might be the answer to all of your prayers.

I recommend you try oil cleansing before bed as the perfect method to remove all of the dirt, oil, and product residue from that day.  To get the most out of your cleanse, use a little steam to open the pores at the start of the process.  Do this regularly and enjoy your smoothest skin ever.

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