Tracee Ellis Ross Let's Us In on Another One of Her Beauty Secrets

Beauty Secrets
Don't you just love it when celebrities voluntarily reveal the tools and tricks their makeup artists are using as a part of their beauty routine?

I know I do!

This week, we've been blessed by Tracee Ellis Ross.  I admire Tracee's decision to age gracefully without the use of procedures that are commonplace in Hollywood.  Without the help of botox and fillers, one can get pretty creative with alternatives that help promote similar results.

Before Tracee goes on set, her makeup artist prepped her skin by first doing a mini-beauty treatment.  Typically, you'll notice celebrities often receive some type of mask before the makeup application process.  This time was no different. Instead of a full sheet mask, they opted to focus mainly on the under eyes.

What really caught my attention were the beauty tools her makeup artist used.  The blue orbs served as tools to help facilitate a quick facial massage.  Unfortunately, Tracee didn't tag the brand so I had to do some digging to find them for myself.
Based on visual inspection, the blue facial tools seemed to offer some type of cold therapy.  I'm guessing that they're stored in the fridge or freezer prior to use. Cold temperatures on the skin can produce some wonderful results.

My skin was at its absolute best when I challenged myself to take cold showers in the morning.  I've also experienced great results from rubbing ice directly on my skin.  Cold temps positively impact the skin in 5 major ways:
  • You increase blood flow to the surface as your body tries desperately to warm the skin.
  • Cold causes constriction which means that your pores become less visible.  
  • It seems like cold water on the skin helps to preserve moisture levels.  When I showered with cold water, my skin was softer and felt more hydrated than with hot water.
  • Cold is the enemy of swelling & inflammation so puffy eyes and inflamed acne respond very well to cold therapy. 
  • Using cold water helps to firm and tighten the skin.  The muscles of my face seemed more toned when I cold water consistently.
Trust me, when your skin is exposed to cold water on a consistent basis, you'll notice the difference.  But, I'll be honest, dealing with cold water isn't always all that pleasant.  This is the precise reason why beauty tools like these were created.  Look how convenient they are!  They have insulated plastic handles that keep your fingers nice and comfy.  The shape of the balls makes it easy to glide over the curves of the face.  Notice how much attention they give to Tracee's undereye.  Her IG video piqued my interest but what really sold me on these facial globes was this review.
Verified Purchase
Probably one of the best things I've bought for my skin. All I do is put these globes in the freezer (in a plastic bag wrapped in bubble wrap so it doesn't break) and use them on my face every morning and I can HONESTLY say that I have noticed a HUGE difference in my facial features. If using them while frozen and in a circular motion, it helps with depuffing and tightening in your skin!!! Keep in mind I am not a "larger" woman (not trying to rub that in anyone's face), but I recently came upon an older picture of myself and my face looks more round than it does now! My cheekbones are more defined and can help rebuild collagen faster in your skin. If you apply skin products (moisturizer/serum) and then the globes, it will help sink into your skin deeper and I have even noticed my acne scars go away faster than they have before using them! I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone who is not able to afford expensive skin care or an expensive facial, and it helps wake you up in the morning!
If you pay attention to the review, you'll notice that she's experienced some of the same benefits I talked about earlier.  I'm going to grab a set because I'm a huge fan of facial cryotherapy.  I like how these can produce similar results to microcurrent without having to use electrical stimulation. 

Cryotherapy facials are expensive, but these cryo-globes are the next best thing.

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