I Thought Oil Highlighter Sticks Couldn't Get Any Better....I Was Wrong.

I've noticed a pattern that I've been developing over the past couple of years.  Any beauty product that I find in the form of a solid stick, I want it.

It started innocently enough.   First I fell in love with the idea of acquiring concealers and other skin correcting items in an easy to carry stick packaging.  From then I learned of a moisture-enhancing stick by Korean skin brand Etude House.

It wasn't long until I was introduced to Glossier's Haloscope sticks which are highlighters that feature an oil-based core surrounded by light reflecting highlight. Of course I had to get one.

I thought I was set....but I still longed for something more.

One random visit to Sephora introduced me to Milk's oil stick which was like a dream come true.  I thought my days of hunting for makeup sticks were over. Until I learned that a better version of Milk's oil stick was in existence.
Honestly, I couldn't think of how they could possibly improve on Milk's oil stick...but they did and I'm so grateful.

Milks oil stick is a must because it's the perfect product to create a shimmer-free dewy highlight.  I like to dab a little on the high points of my cheeks after applying a powder foundation to add some dimension.  Having oily skin is both a blessing and a curse.  A little oil on the skin helps our skin retain its youthful appearance.  But when oil production is out of control, it gets to be a bit much.  Milk's oil stick helps me enjoy the best of both worlds.  I create a matte base with foundation/powder, then "highlight" with strategically placed "dewy oil" thanks to the help of Milk's stick.

I thought that Milk's stick was the epitome of makeup stick perfection.  Then, I came across this video.

What you have witnessed is the evolution of the dew stick.  Featured in the video is makeup artist Nam Vo, also known as the glow queen.   This woman is obsessed with smooth, glowing skin.  It makes sense that she introduced me to my next glow stick purchase.

What makes this one different from Milk's version?


Supergoop decided to develop the ultimate dew-stick complete with SPF.  A lot of manufactures sometimes add SPF to a product to increase desirability.  But Supergoop wanted to do it big.  Their stick has an SPF protection rating higher than some of my sunscreens.

Guys, this stick actually has an SPF of 50!!!

Do you know what that means?!?!?

That means that we can use the stick on the beach or by the pool as a body highlighter that actually protects our skin.  It means we can also rub a little on our lips under gloss to protect them from the sun.  You can use it on flights to protect your skin from the dangerous UV rays and dry cabin air.

For daily use, you'd apply your moisturizer then layer SuperGoop's stick on hydrated skin.  You can massage the product in if you prefer a not-so-dewy finish.  Based on the reviews, this product absorbs into the skin beautifully.  It provides a nice base for your foundation or powder.   Or you use the stick generously over your skin, like Nam, if you prefer an ultra-dewy finish.

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