Caviar Cravings | Is Caviar the ingredient your hair has been waiting for?

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We've discussed the multitude of benefits of nutritious super foods of the sea.  Among my favorites are green micro organisms such as spirulina + chlorella.  Next on the list is seaweed which I enjoy snacking on at random times of the day. Most recently, I ushered caviar (fish roe) into my diet as a concentrated source of omega 3, vitamin D, amino acids and other vitamins & minerals.  And just like fermented cod liver oil, the vitamin and fatty acid source found in fish eggs are a whole food source and better utilized by the body.
Now it seems that a couple professional hair care brands have harnessed the nutritional benefits of caviar extract as part of their hair care lines.  I read online that Katherine Zeta Jones is a fan of receiving caviar hair care treatments from her favorite stylist.  There they apply liquified caviar to her strands to give them a lustrous and healthy glow.  One factor in the results could be attributed to the high fatty acid content of the fish eggs.  I can attest to the wonderful benefits on incorporating omega rich oils into my regimen.  My hair absolutely adored my mega omega hair oil blend.  Although I incorporated a vegetarian source of omega 3, I think adding caviar extract would have taken everything to the very next level.

Not sure if I'm ready to start liquifying fish eggs in my Blentec just yet.  Instead, I've got my eyes on a couple of products from Alterna's Caviar line.  According to the director of marketing at Alterna, caviar has a similar cellular format to human skin.  That, in turn, helps to increase the hair's elasticity and improve the health of the scalp.

I took a quick gander at the ingredient list of Alterna Caviar CC Cream10 IN 1 Complete Correction to see exactly how much "caviar" was actually in the product.  I hovered at the bottom of the list for several moments wondering if they used some other fancy name to disguise the actual ingredient.  Much to my surprise, I realized that I was looking in the wrong place.  Caviar extract was listed pretty high on the list, just after algae extract.  Perhaps the amount of extract in the bottle correlates with the relatively high reviews on Amazon.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm interested.  Oh, and I also find out that one of my favorite brands, Kerastase also offers a professional caviar hair treatment both in salon and at home.  It's touted as "the finest hair care treatment offered by Kerastase" so you know it's an investment.

I think I have some fish roe in the fridge so there's a 50% chance that I might mash them up and add 'em to my conditioner on wash day.  Who knows, I just might treat myself to a caviar  infused face mask. I can see it now.  Me, sitting under the hair dryer with a glass of wine as I pretend to be an international super star enjoying a $1000.00 caviar skin and hair treatment.   If I do, I'll let you know how it turns out.

 Last, but not least, I think the biggest benefits of fish roe come from taking it internally so I'll make sure to continue enjoying a little caviar as a snack on a regular basis.


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