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I've been thinking a lot about my experience at the Makeup Show a few months back.  There I met a young lady who took the initiative to help find colors that work well with my skin tone.  She was a tiny little thing at under 5ft tall.  Which gave me the rare experience of look down at the makeup artist.

Like peeking, I found myself examining her lashes to see if they were extensions.  Curiosity got the best of me so I finally had to ask her.  "How do I get lashes like yours, I asked?"  Grandelash, she replied.  "Twice a day....morning and night."  I went back to my original post on the product and was reminded of a similar experience where a coworker also enjoyed wonderful results from applying the lash serum twice a day.  It didn't take much time and effort. Just a bit of consistency. 

It made me wonder, "what other actions can I do twice a day to create quick, amazing results?"  The whole idea of this twice a day thing is that it should take much time 5-10 minutes at the most, but when you do it morning and night (and do it every night) the results compound.  And since spring is just around the corner, these can be the things that get us back on track and ready for the next season. 

Facial Massage
I would love to do a quick facial massage 2X a day to see what the outcomes would be.  The benefits of a daily massage are numerous.  You experience increase blood flow to the face which draws oxygen to that area, helping to give you a natural glow.  Plus the muscles of the face are stimulated, helping you maintain muscle tone.  I also believe there's a benefit to the pressure placed on the facial bone during massage which will help maintain bone density.  I just believe that our faces, if left alone, will fall victim to atrophy (which no one wants).  Lastly, our skin also benefits from facial massage.  Something about the friction caused by our fingers on the skin helps promote cell turnover and exfoliation.  A face that receives massage daily will look amazing.

Scalp Massage
What if, twice a day, we subjected our scalp to a rush of oxygen rich blood?  Not only do we promote growth but I think massage serves a form of exercise for the scalp. Since really scalp exercises are a bit difficult.  Massaging it would be the next best thing. The other best thing would be hop on your trampoline and rebound.  When I do a quick rebound session, I can feel a slight movement in my scalp as my feet bounce on the trampoline.  Once I noticed what was happening, I actually began wearing my hair down whenever I rebound just to make sure my scalp can freely enjoy all the benefits.

Feet Scrub
I will never not talk about the power of daily heel scrubbing.  Never.  One thing I would like to add to take this feet scrubbing thing to the next level is to make sure you drink enough water and take your fermented cod liver oil.  Otherwise, you will still have dry feet with no dead skin.  That's not winning.  Let's take this thing all the way and make sure our skin is hydrated from head to heel.

Moisturize & Seal
Of course we have to talk about how your hair can transform if you took to the time to moisturize and seal daily.  Daily moisturizing and sealing is powerful but what would happen to your hair if it experienced a moisture boost twice a day?  I know that some of you don't really need to moisturize your hair two times a day, but, if you experience dry hair. Once a day may not be enough.   Upping the frequency to twice a day will allow you to play offense, not defense.  You will retain like never before and retaining is the name of the game.

Visualize & Meditate
One thing that makes a difference in whether I move towards my goals is how much I actually think about them.  If I go days/weeks without thinking about what I want, my actions follow and I pretty much do nothing to move forward.  But if I take time to reflect on what I want to create, ideas come to me and I'm motivate to achieve them.  Those moments when I focus on what I want are invaluable.  Which is why I need to create more of them.  One missing piece which I slacked on is visualizing the outcome I want to experience.  Instead I tend to focus of the actions I need to do (which is a good thing) but I also should invest painting the clearest picture possible.  When the picture is clear, the actions become easier. 

The whole idea of this twice a day thing is to invest little time.  The duration is not as important as the consistency.  Consistency, consistency, consistency.  Heck, if I only dedicated 2 minutes, twice a day for each action, that would be enough.   The artist with the amazing lashes did it in just a few seconds a day (twice a day).   I could go on with even more examples but you get the picture.  Decide what outcome you want and figure out what you have to do, in just 2-5 minutes a day to get it. 


  1. I love your blog you have the best tips and I learn every time I come to this site.

  2. What do you recommend using to moisturize hair? My hair is unrelaxed and extremely sensitive to water. Coconut oil doesn't really work.

  3. Ele, can you elaborate on what you mean by your hair is sensitive to water? How does it react to water?

  4. Spot on! It's lovely, the way you observe everyday, ordinary experiences and turn them into something profound and thought provoking. Every time I come back to this blog, I feel renewed. That last point you mentioned, taking the time to focus on goals, has been a struggle for me lately and I feel myself slacking, waking up with less energy because I have no agenda, just trudging through the day. A dangerous space to stay in so thanks for the wake up call! :)


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