Law of Attraction Secrets from Kanye West

I was at the gym the other day on a treadmill watching reruns of Kourtney and Khloe take on the Hamptons.  In one of the episodes, Kim Kardashian was walking her family through her house while under construction.  At one point, they stop to look at the digitally created images of the finished rooms posted on the wall.  What's interesting is that, within the images, are depictions of Kanye and Kim in each room.  Scott, finds it amusing and asks about pics.  Kim replies, "Kanye likes it when we're in the pictures."
To some, this may be a sign of Kanye's apparent narcissism, but, there's another way to look at it.  Years ago, when Kanye's affections for Kim weren't yet manifested into a relationship, he would photoshop images of himself next to the annual family Christmas Card.  Now, mind you, the artist renderings of himself were absolutely dreadful.  But, the importance of his action was how it transformed the his intentions from wanting, to actually seeing the possibility of actually experiencing it.  The child-like scribble version of himself was actually part of the family.  There is a clear difference from wanting something and believing that you will actually have it.  

By inserting pictures of himself in the family photo, or in the construction plans, he's increasing his level of believe that this will happen.  Once your belief increases, your actions, shift accordingly.  Someone who believes in a certain future will behave in a manner that increases the likelihood of that future manifesting.   

Think of all the goals you have for yourself.  Do you see them as an unreachable fairy tale or do you actually believe that you will experience them in the near future?  If you are having a hard time achieving some of your goals, take time to work on your level of belief and see what transpires. 

"You can't tell me nothing....This is my life homie, you decide yours."  -Kanye West

In a previous post, I talked about how much of our days, our lives consists of the outcomes from making the same decisions over and over again.  Kanye seems to operate moment by moment.  Yes, some of his decisions are downright questionable, but, there's something to be said about being aware of how much power you have to decide your life's course.  If you don't like some aspects of your life.  Get certain about what you want, then make a decision to make that happen.  

Creating what you desire goes beyond drawing pictures of yourself and having an unshakable belief.  Once you are clear in what you want, you've gotta be willing to work hard for it.  One thing Kanye West, and any other successful artist has in common is their incredible work ethic. In this video, RZA talks about Kanye's regimen which included detailed planning of what was done and what they'll do next.  Then he'd put in a full 12 hours of work using "focused energy."  How much time and energy your are focusing into realizing your intentions? Maybe you don't have to dedicate 12 hours a day.  Even as little as 1 focused hour a day can start you on your journey to an amazing 2015.  


  1. I am definitely on board with the Law of Attraction in regards to the future, but to go as far as photoshopping himself into her family Christmas pictures is absolutely weird. It worked for him I guess, but God forbid that woman ever leaves him. I'm sure we'll find him in full meltdown mode.

  2. I loved this post. I practice LOA and totally get what Kanye was doing by photoshopping himself into the xmas card pic. Half the battle is knowing what you want.

  3. Great post! What Kanye was doing, consciously or unconsciously, was the same principle as using a vision board. Its even more powerful when you put yourself in the picture of what you want, because it helps you see yourself there. Neville Goddard taught about this alot in his teachings about visualization, emphasizing visualizing a scene that would happen when you receive what you want, looking through your own eyes as if you were presently there and it was really happening!

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