Olive Her Look.

Aside from black, I'd say olive green (army green) is my favorite color when it comes to clothes.  In my closet are 2 jackets in the olive green family.  One is a solid color, the other has a camouflage print. They're in constant rotation as they pretty much go with anything.  I was pretty satisfied with these the pieces I currently had until I was inspired to begin the hunt for a third.

The length of Kerrueche's coat/shirt is wonderful.  Another selling point is that it's lightweight. Which is perfect to throw over casual outfits, especially as we slowly move into spring.  It appears as if she's found the perfect over sized shirt to double as a lightweight jacket.  I'm completely down for that idea in the event that I never come across a solid color lightweight olive coat. 

Another thing  I adore about this look is how she wore lighter, neutral shades which serve as a back drop so her olive coat and Chanel bag can shine.  The coat is so captivating, it doesn't require much more effort with hair and jewelry to pull everything together.   I need something like this in my life.

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