Motivation Monday | Dreaming Big vs. Doing Big

I just happen upon this wonderful comic that I had to share with you.  It details the wonderful lesson of being a producer vs. consumer while reminding us of the rewards of remaining diligent & consistent with our actions.

Take a look.

Never forget the power of action. Dreams that aren't brought into existence, are simply fantasy.


  1. There is so much power and truth in this. Thank you for sharing. The Bible talks about how faith without works is dead and this is a true example of this.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this... I have so many "dreamer tendencies" it's ridiculous. I have to really get to work on the "doing" end of things.

  3. This is an excellent post that I'm going to print and hang over my desk. For so long I was a dreamer, and I wasted so much time. I think I felt I had to take BIG action to make things happen. But then I found that baby steps are just as effective. Just do it. Thanks for always inspiring.

    1. I used to think the same way. That I need to take big actions in order for things to happen. But I changed my mindset when I realized that every little step takes me closer to goal. And sometimes a step may seem little to us but in reality it's 10x a head more than what we think. I have seem so many of my dreams and goals happen in a short time frame just from me focusing on them and taking little steps.

  4. Oh my God!That's so true.I am like this two girls: Having vision board,kepping journal,reading biography... and not taking actions.Thank you!Only Actions makes difference.

  5. Great article! Definitely food for thought ...

  6. I love that comic. I reblogged it on tumblr a while ago. With those dreams you have, you must do as well in actions.


  7. I do everything the 2 chicks do but I also put in the work and things get done so much faster and smoother. I recently returned to school quietly and i decided not to talk about it with anyone because I've realized the best thing to do is make my moves in silence. I love this post someone had mentioned this on IG before, no matter how many positive books you read, vision boards you have, etc you will not achieve anything if you don't actually work for it. After all faith without works is dead.


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