All That Glitters | The search for the perfect bronzer is over

For months, my radar was set to seek out bronzers, highlighters and similar products that promised to give me a beautiful glow.  For a while, I thought my search would last forever but, at last, I finally arrived at a place where I've discovered my life long favorites.

All I wanted was one product for my body and a perfect compliment for my face.  My hope was that I'd find something that would blend flawlessly into my skin, giving the appearance of a warm glow, rather than looking like someone sprinkled with fairy dust.
Pictured Above 
1| Gleam Body Radiance-Deep Gold (liquid/lotion) 
3| LORAC selfTANtalizer (liquid/lotion)
5| benefit Watt's Up (highlighter stick)
6| MAC Lustre Drops (liquid)
7| Giella eye m glam (loose powder)

At this moment, my hunger for glow-inducing products has been satisfied. Overall, I'm happy with my stash but some have far outperformed others and have become clear favorites.  If I had to give up all but three, I would happily hold on to my tube of gleam, the Lustre Drops and Giella eye m glam.   

Gleam Body Radiance stands on it's own because it's the most perfect body shimmer product I've experienced.  It glides on like a lotion blending into my skin leaving behind a subtle layer of golden sheen.  I fell in love when I came across this product at The Make Up show.  The minute I tested it, I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.  Although I paid a discounted price at the convention, you can find it for an even lower price here.  

Watt's Up by benefit is frostier and not as bronzy as the others but the tube packaging makes it perfect for travel or carrying in my makeup bag.  

LORAC's selfTANtalizer (lotion) smells yummy, but honestly, doesn't give the glow that I'm looking for.  The TANtalizer baked bronzer, on the other hand, is a pretty decent product.  I love that it also doubles as a beautiful golden eye shadow. 

The newest addition to my team is Giella's eye m glam.  I was introduced to this product as "the product that Kim Kardashian's make up artist developed to create her perfect glow."  Of course I had to try it.  At $35.00, it's not the cheapest product around but, let me tell you.  I think it's my favorite.  The rose gold powder works on any skin tone and it ground so fine that it practically melts into my skin.  The tiny gold specs are indistinguishable leaving behind a flawless glow.  It works on my eyes, my lips, my skin, everywhere. The difference between eye m glam and MAC Lustre drops is this: Lustre drops have a yellow gold hue while Giella is more of a rose/pinkish gold. I prefer the rose gold for a more natural glow.  

  I wanted to post on this sooner but wasn't ready to do so until I found the best of the best.  My collection is complete and I'm ready to have the summer glow all year long. 

*Watch promotional video to see gleam in action. Warning: You will be sold after seeing how perfect it is.  Notice how toned the legs look after gleam is applied.   I like the idea of having two shades, using one as a highlighter, and the other for an all over glow.

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