{not so} Mello Yellow

Almost a week has gone by since I've seen the sun shine.  This morning I awoke to yet another gloomy day.  So I decided to take matters into my own hands and bring along my own sunshine.

While most others rocked fall, muted colors, I reached for the brightest article of clothing  in my closet.  When I first tried on this bright yellow blouse, I had my doubts.  I remember standing in the dressing room wondering if it would attract too much attention.  Years ago, almost every item of clothing I owned was black as I tried desperately to blend seamlessly into a crowd.  

I intentionally purchased this blouse in protest to my former self.  No longer would I purposefully try to go unnoticed.   As I strolled through the streets of downtown, I noticed the looks from others  from the corner of my eye.  But this time, I held my head up high, knowing that I brought a little bit of sunshine to their day.
Blouse// H&M// Similar
Jeans// Mossimo
Heals//Michael Kors


  1. I think i need to follow your approach and buy something bright. My wardrobe is currently made up of blacks and greys as i'm too shy and don't want to draw any attention to myself. This year i haven't bought anything because i've told myself that if i'm not ready to come out of my shell, then i'm not ready to shop.

    A question off-topic: when did you start wearing heels? I'm 26 and i would love to start wearing stiletto heels but i'm very shaky. Do you have any tips?

    xo Stephanie

  2. HI Stephanie,
    I know exactly how you feel regarding the black clothes. I literally have to remind myself at the store several times that I am not to purchase any black items whatsoever.

    I just recently started wearing heels on a regular basis. I started with smaller heels and wedge-type shoes to get comfortable (and for practice). I also remind myself to not focus on not stumbling but to focus on feeling confident as I walk. There are a few vids on walking in heels on Youtube.

  3. Enfin des photos de vous ! J'adore ce style !
    Was eagerly waiting for photos of you.
    Here in Paris, it´s cloudy, raining. So you're right, let´s put color in our life !

  4. This outfit is so simple it's amazing! It's inspiring and I love it. Thanks for sharing :-)


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