Style Obsession | The Embellished Sandal


The warmer it gets, the more I tend reach for shoe choices that expose my feet.  I'm kinda of a simple gal opting for basics in the spring and summer.  Occasionally I may wear a fancy maxi dress but, for the most part, my outfits can use a little something extra to add a little glam to my looks.

This is precisely the reason why I'm officially on the hunt for an amazing pair of embellished sandals.  Incidentally, sandals are pretty much part of my uniform from now until fall comes back around, so why not rock a pair that make my feet look loved and adored?  If all the stars align, I hope to have a few pairs of "glammed-up sandals" in rotation by summer.  Even in jeans and a white tee, a perfect pair of pretty sandals can elevate my look from basic, to being one of those people who actually care what they look like when they leave the house.

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