The Fulani Method | Using a silk scarf to infuse moisture into your hair

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As I type these words, I'm sporting a dampened silk scarf, why? Because I'm trying the Fulani Silk Wrap Method.  You may have heard of moisturizing and sealing your hair.  But have you considered moisturizing and sealing your scarf?

The Fulani Method is a tradition of the Fulani women who hail from Nigeria and other parts of West Africa.  The method is quite simple.  You simply moisturize and seal your scarf before tying around your hair.  You heard me right, you moisturize and seal your scarf.  The idea is that your scarf will infuse your strands with moisture as you sleep.  Or, if you're like me and wear your scarf around the house, you'll experience a moisture boost all day.  I see great applications for this method on when you're out in the sun all day or for instant replenishment whenever your hair is feeling extra dry.

You'll see a video demonstration below.  JoStylin immerses the scalp in water and dips in in oil. This morning I tried a modified version in which I misted the scarf with a spray bottle. This time I didn't include the oil component because I wanted to see how my hair responded to the damp scarf alone.  When I do use oil, I'll apply using the Misto Sprayer.  After a few minutes of sporting a lightly damp scarf, I removed it to assess the results.

Instantly, my hair felt more moisturized.  The little bit of dampness from the scarf allowed my hair to lay down quite nicely. It was like moisturizing the hair with half the work.  I love that I can modify the amount of moisture depending on what hair style I'm wearing.  If I need more moisture, I can lightly wet the scarf under running water. If I want to moisturize the hair without over saturation, I mist the scarf.  This method doesn't take the place of your regular moisturizing and sealing regimen, but it's a nice addition. Especially for those lazy nights when you just want to tie a (damp) scarf around your head and fall asleep.  Thumbs up for the Fulani Method.


  1. I feel like this might make me break out... It seems like a solid idea but I'm a bit worried about my pillowcase being drenched in oil....

  2. I can't believe I've never thought of this. It's a great idea! I'm definitely gonna try it

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  3. Wow, never thought of this. I will definitely try it.


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