First Impressions | Iman CC Corrector & Cover

I told you that I'd pick up IMAN's CC Creme when it came out, didn't I?  After several trips to the makeup aisle and coming back empty handed,  you could imagine my surprise when I finally stumbled upon it on a random stop at the drug store for bottled water.

Without even thinking, I snatched the box right up.   I couldn't wait to give this powdered corrector a try. One of the coolest things about this product is it's packaging.  You get a small compact jar of what appears to be loose powder.

  I'm really digging the little pop-up top that protects it from spillage.  Honestly, I appreciate the size and the bit of extra attention paid into making sure the powder doesn't spill. I fully intend to take this CC Corrector wherever I go. It feels good knowing that I likely won't reach into my bag one day only to find it covered in cocoa powder. I've spilled foundation in my bag before and you would have thought I lost a loved one the way I wailed in sorrow. No more worrying about packing a liquid foundation with me because this amazing powder provides a pretty decent level of coverage.

As you can see above, I conducted a little test on a scar located near my wrist. I used the applicator sponge to apply the CC Corrector directly on the scar to gauge it's level of coverage. Although it's a powder, it feels more like foundation. It doesn't turn liquid or anything, it just sinks into the skin real nicely, providing a smooth finish. After application, I read the back of the box where it states that it's most effective when paired with the BB Creme. So I grabbed it and gave the duo a try. As you can see from the last pic, the level of combined coverage is pretty impressive. Best of all, it feels so light & weightless on the skin. Definitely a great combination. If some of you have the BB Creme but don't love the light sheen it provides, this CC Corrector should take care of that. This may not totally cover extremely obvious scars but it's perfect for everyday. I was actually on the lookout for a new pressed powder but I think I'll hold off now. These two gems are exactly what I needed.

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