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It's been a while since I've shared my craves.  I'm happy to say that while my current list isn't long, everything on it is near and dear to my heart.  After seeing a few pics of gorgeous aqua nails, I immediately become obsessed.  It's just the right color to usher in spring.  I asked your recommendations for the perfect shade on the Facebook Fan page.  Suggestions included China Glaze's For Audrey, Essie's Turquiose & Caicos, and Naughty Nautical.  I can't wait to try 'em.

  It's also worth mentioning that I'm on the lookout for a couple more eyes shadow palettes.  On my hit list is Lorac's Pro palette. By the looks of it, I may get more use from it than my Naked or Naked 2.  The color options are flawless an I'm such a sucker for rich brown tones. I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out before I finally place an order.  

It wasn't that long ago when I was contemplating my future handbag purchase.  If you remember correctly, I have my eye on the Boy Bag.  But, if the stars were aligned just right, I would also own the Givenchy Antigona tote.  I have a soft spot for large bags.  Too often, oversized handbags don't have the structure that you'd find in the smaller counterparts.  I love the clean lines and timeless appearance of this bag.  My secret fantasy is to work at some fancy high rise office in New York.  Each  morning, I would step into the elevator, wearing tailored clothing, designer shoes and my Givenchy Antigona.

Not too long ago, we discussed the distinction between your typical keratin protein and functional keratin.  If you haven't read that article, I highly recommend it. At the time, the only commercial product I could find on the market was Paul Mitchell Awapuhi.  I promptly picked up the deep conditioning treatment.  That's when I also realized that also available was Keraplex Treatment in vials.  There's something about a hair product in vials that get's my heart racing.  It just screams "highly concentrated  power!"  I think back to the wonderful experiences I got from indulging in Biolage's Cera Repair.  So, of course, I'll have to get my hands on this Keraplex Treatment.   And finally, the newest addition to my current craves.  As I mentioned earlier, I thought Awapuhi was the only functional keratin product available to us.  I was wrong.  One of my amazing readers did her research and found yet another source of this rare keratin.  Global Keratin actually boasts of having functional keratin right on the label. My curiosity has gotten the best of me, and the price is right, which leaves me no choice but to grab it


  1. I love large bags, very practical and just tend to look better with outfits :)

  2. That Givenchy Antigona is EVERYTHING! Its also on my Crave List - along with some black snakeskin Jimmy Choo Anouks!


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