Two inches of Hair Growth in 5 days?!

I logged into Youtube this morning in search of some motivational videos to start my day.  Of course, I immediately became distracted when I saw a thumbnail of progress pics with the caption "2 Inches in 5 days?!"  "That's all the motivation I need, I thought as I clicked to see more.

YouTuber longNhealthy was gushing as she discussed what she did to experience 2 inches of growth in a week.   Here's what she did:
We haven't discussed Inversion in length on the blog yet.  We mentioned it briefly in Yahya's Regimen and in this post years ago on the benefits of yoga for our hair.   Perhaps we talk more about it in a future post.  Inversion method is the practice of lowering your head by bending over or doing headstands, downward dog yoga poses, etc. to allow blood flow to head directly towards the scalp.  It's basically a scalp massage on crack.  Most people who practice inversion do it for a week at a time to shock the scalp.  Those who rave about the technique claim to receive an inch or more of growth in a month.  If you want to give it a shot, please check out this video for full details.

This super hair growth concoction is composed of castor oil, cayenne, black tea, biotin, garlic + onion oil, etc.  Obviously the castor & cayenne combination is a recipe for increased growth.  You can see how she creates her own batch of this hair stimulating lotion here
If you've ever read this blog, you should be familiar with our beloved tea.  So good for the hair, skin and nails due to its silica rich content. Bamboo has the highest level of plant form silica. Way more than horsetail.  The bamboo plant itself is so rigid and strong because of silica.  Each time we sip a cup of bamboo tea, we enjoy the wonderful properties of this amazing mineral. 

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  1. The inversion does work! I got really good results with it

  2. it is not possible to grow hair in 2 days. I'd like to see the hair on her legs grow that fast.

  3. Yes, the inversion method really does work. And doing it would be hitting two birds with one stone. :D If you’re still looking for other ways to make your hair grow faster, I’ve read that article here You might wanna check it out! ;)


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