Caviar Living | Why fish eggs are a sacred food.

After writing the post on the importance of maintaining a healthy facial bone structure, I went back and revisited the Youtube video presentation on which foods support strong bones and teeth.  One of the "sacred foods" mentioned in the video was fish eggs/roe.  Many cultures would harvest fish eggs and provide them to pregnant women as added nutrition to their diet.

Fish eggs are loaded with natural forms of vitamin D (refers you back to my post on vitamin D and hair growth).  Although it's summer time, I'm not out much to enjoy the midday sun.  Plus, it's obnoxiously hot out  which makes me avoid the sun altogether.  Good thing that fish eggs can provide vitamin D without the side effect of UV rays.  Fish roe also contains vitamin A (great for the skin). vitamin K2, magnesium, selenium, zinc and iodine.   Vitamin K2, by the way, helps prevent our bodies from depositing calcium in the wrong places (like soft tissue) and directs the calcium exactly where it's needed (our teeth and bones).

Let's not forget about the all natural (non-processed) form of omega 3s + DHA you get from enjoying fish eggs. Salmon roe is one of the richest sources of omega 3 of any food pound per pound. When I reviewed the list of benefits contained in fish eggs, I realized how similar it was to fermented cod liver oil (FCO).  While I do take FCO for the benefits, I'm not a huge fan of the taste experience.  Because of that, I haven't been as consistent in taking it as I should be.  Honestly, my affinity to sushi has allowed me to fall in love with the taste of fish eggs.   You can imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon fish roe while cruising down the aisle of my local Asian grocer.  I immediately snatched it up and have been enjoying a small spoon full a day as a nutritious treat.

Next, I think I will grab some salmon roe from Amazon. They carry bigger sizes than one typically finds at grocery store.  Oh, while browsing for options, I found fresh cod liver sold in its own oil.  The reviews are good and, curiosity has the best of me, so I think I'm going to order.

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