The Black Smoothie | Take your smoothie game to the next level

I'm getting back in the swing of things with my green smoothie routine.  I'm creating a new habit of rejuvenating with quality nutrition to make up for the lack of sleep and constant traveling.  This is the reason I invested in The Super Elixir.  So far things have been great.  But I'm always game for taking things to the next level.

While strolling down the aisle of my local Asian grocery store, I happened upon a package with what looked like black rice, on the label.  Upon further review, I realized the package contained black rice + black sesame seeds in a powder form.  Then I thought "this would be great in a smoothie!"   Just as I was about to toss the package in my basket, I remembered that I have black sesame seeds, black rice and a high powered blender at home.
Immediately after putting away my groceries, I began assembling the ingredients to build my "black smoothie."  I layered the ingredients in the Blendtec one at a time.  The black sesame seeds & rice, frozen fruit, collagen powders, Super Elixir, spirulina, gelatin, kale were also added in.  A minute later my smoothie was ready.  Because I hadn't taken the time to grind the seeds and rice into powder, I knew I would taste it in the smoothie.  That was intentional.  Lately, I have been replacing a meal or two with smoothies.  My hope was that I could create a thicker smoothie that could sustain me much longer than my previous recipe.  Boy was I right.  The end product was thicker.  I also could sense small pieces of rice and I took my first sip.  I actually love the added texture.  I'm one of those people that like everything to be a little chunky so this was absolutely perfect.
About 2/3 of the way through, I was pretty full.  The black rice smoothie had done it's job of replacing lunch.  The rice also softened a bit as time went on.   Overall, I'm pretty pleased.  I also love how the black rice & sesame seed elevate the nutritional content.  We already discussed how black rice has more antioxidants than blueberries.  So whenever I don't have frozen blueberries on hand, I can substitute with rice.  I'm also adding additional fiber to my smoothie at the same time.  Let's not forget the sesame seeds.  Honestly, I paid no mind to them except for the occasional time I'd sprinkle them on  Tuna Poke.  Little did I know that these little seeds are an excellent source of  minerals like cooper, iron, selenium, zinc and calcium.  Then I read that black sesame seeds may have the ability to reverse gray hair.  That's all I needed to hear.  Black sesame seeds will go into my smoothie for life.

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