Currrently Craving | NeoCell Biotin Bursts!

It's been a while since I've replenished on my NeoCell Beauty Bursts.  With a long and hectic travel schedule ahead of me, I thought it would be good to stock up so I can have the chews on hand for any time when my  mid afternoon sweet tooth kicked in.

Suddenly, I stumbled upon a wonderful, unexpected surprise.  The good people at NeocCell have come up with a high potency biotin chew.  Each chew contains 10,000 mcg of biotin along with superfood Acai berry powder.
I love the idea of enjoying a chewy snack and achieving healthy, wonderful hair in the process.  If these taste as good as the collagen chews, then I will also have difficulty eating just one a day.  Those of you who don't enjoy swallowing pills should look into this option as way of nourishing your hair and nails from the inside out.

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