Monday Motivation| Your emotions are deceiving you

I think my single biggest obstacle of achieving everything I image in life are my feelings (emotions).  Seriously, if I take a moment to reflect on why I have (or have not) achieved something, I can make a clear connection to my emotions.  Sometimes, my feelings drive me to being relentless until the outcome is mine. Other times, I don't feel like taking any action and suffer the consequences.

Either way, I'm realizing how critical it becomes to become someone who is fully in control of my emotions because I KNOW THAT EMOTION IS A PRECURSOR TO ACTION.  Without the right emotion, I won't take action.  Too often I toggle back and forth between being fully motivated to conquer the world and feeling like doing absolutely nothing.  Then there are the times when I'm taking a ton of action and don't see the results then suddenly lose the motivation to keep going.

Ideally, I would like to face each day, each task, with a consistent sense of resolve.  Knowing that I made a promise to myself and not wavering, or backtracking simply because I know longer feel like it.  I want to be the person who hears the internal voice (you know the one) and totally disregards it.  The person who works out even though they don't "feel like it." The person who writes every day.  The person who works on their passion 7 days a week without (yet) seeing one cent of profit.

The voice will never go away.  Let's all agree on that.  It's not (really) about making the voice disappear.  The greater victory is in how to DO WHAT IS NEEDED TO BE DONE REGARDLESS OF WHAT THE VOICE IS TELLING YOU.

What your voice is telling you.

It's your voice.  Well it sounds like you so you automatically listen to it. You think it's you because it sounds just like you. But it's not actually your voice.  Your real voice is the desire that comes from deep within.  It's the hunger that calls you to take on new action to create a new reality for yourself.  The other voice, the one that so easily can talk you out of your dream is not you.  Stop listening to it. Stop letting it change the direction of your life so easily.

(please go back and reread the last paragraph)

Let's call the voice that sounds like you, but isn't you isn't "the deception."  It's a deception because it tells you that you don't have time to.... Or that you don't feel like..... Or that you can't.....

But none of that is actually true.  It's a deception.  Because when you act despite the voice, you realize that every excuse that was brought up was a lie. You were on the verge of being deceived.   But you weren't deceived and now you are filled with exhilaration because the action you took was in line with your true voice.

But tomorrow, you try to repeat the action and the deception shows up again. It will never go away really.  So let's stop trying to make it go away.  Let's just realize it for what it is and move forward despite it's presence.   Let's not believe it's excuses and reasons.  Let's observe it, then act on what our true voice wants.  Unfortunately, our true voice isn't as loud as the deception.  So we have to get connected to what we really want otherwise the deception will have its way with us.  Our true voice only becomes louder when we've followed the voice of deception so long that our lives our completely off course.  Or when we listen to our true voice day after day.

Since it's the start of a new week, I want you to make a small promise to yourself to do something that you've been putting off. Or to do something that requires daily action (like working out, meditating, whatever). Then watch as the deception shows up. Not as a scary creature, but as "you."  Once deception arrives, the next move is yours.  What will you do? Will you listen or will you act despite what you are feeling?  This week, I urge you to practice acting in spite of the deception's presence.

 Practice honoring your word.  If you say you will do it, then do it.

Perhaps next week, I'll talk more on the subject of how dangerous emotions can be.  I'm a Cancer and we're said to be emotional people.  I've had to learn, the hard way, how to manage the destructive thoughts that lead to unproductive emotions.

Do you have any topics you'd like me to cover in a future Motivation Monday post?


  1. It never fails! I've been following your blog for about 4 years and just when I check-in I see exactly what I need to read! Thanks! I needed to read this exact thing literally at this exact moment. I was going to listen to the deception and add another regret to a long list. God bless!

  2. God is good! I really enjoyed reading your article! The wisdom in the content is awesome. Thanks and please continue in writing and sharing knowledge and revelation.

  3. Amazing article, much appreciated God Bless you!


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