Charlotte Tilsburry Comes Thru with Lip Colors that look Amazing on Brown Skin

I was a lip balm kinda gal for such a long time.  Deep down I had this unhealthy fear of wearing lipstick.  Since my lips were already pretty full, the last thing I wanted to do was accentuate them.  Another challenge was finding colors that flatter my two-toned lips.

I've finally decided to stop avoiding lipsticks and start embracing them.  I love colors that enhance the natural feminity and beauty of the lip.  It should compliment your overall look, not take away from it.  Which is why I'm really excited to have stumbled upon Charlotte Tilbury's lip color collection.
When I'm standing in front of the makeup counter at Sephora, I have to go through a myriad of options before finding at least one that sorta looks ok on me.  Rarely do I have the option of finding multiple shades.  But, at first glance, it appears that Charlotte's line of lip colors is made to flatter deeper skin tones.
Just look at this amazing selection and tell me that you don't want to try all of them for yourself.   When I first laid eyes on these color options, I immediately wanted Birkin Brown.  Next would be a toss up between Bond Girl & Very Victoria.  Love Liberty looks pretty good too.  Heck, who am I kidding, I want them all!
Charlotte Tilbury Carina's Love
All of my excitement came to a screeching halt when I questioned whether these images are a true representation of what the lip colors look like in real life.  A quick search lead me to a video of Natasha Ndlovu trying several Charlotte Tilbury lippies.  

*Side note* In the video, she tries on Bloodroses by Kevyn Aucoin.  Pay attention to the smooth, creaminess of the formula.  The color payoff is INSANE!  Maybe, I should be checking out Kevyn's lippies as well since I'm already a fan of his products.

The very last shade she applies in the video is Charlotte's Birkin Brown.  It's exactly what I'm looking for.  A beautiful everyday lip color that flatters our skin perfectly. 


  1. I've had the Charlotte Birkin Brown lippie on my wishlist forever! Thanks for sharing the video, its better than i thought!

    1. I love that color. If you get it before I do, let me know what you think.

  2. It pains me so much when I see nice stuffs like this but can't find them in Nigeria

  3. Hi the main picture at the top, which shade is she wearing, do you know?

    1. Hey there! In the first image, she's wearing Birkin Brown.


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