[Monday Motivation] Convince Your Mind to Bring Your Intentions to Reality

Since we're in the back half of the year, I find myself constantly reflecting on what areas I need to focus on for the remainder of 2016.  Knowing that there are approximately 4.5 months left in the year really puts a fire in me to move into action.  I want to take focused action that'll set me up for an amazing 2017.

The challenge is, I feel like I've been following patterns that create my current results.  My actions have been, more or less the same.  I need to take NEW ACTIONS to experience NEW RESULTS.  But I'm aware, from past experience, that desire isn't enough.  I need the help of my greatest ally to achieve these goals.  This ally will provide access to powerful emotions and incredible levels of belief.  Both will cause me to move into action and create new results with practically zero resistance.
This ally that I speak of is the subconscious mind.  Currently, my habits do not support the achievement of my desired goals.  Habits are simply a collection of our repeated actions.  Repeated actions typically don't involve a high level of consciousness.  This is why it's critically important to focus on the programming that is running in the background.  When you tap into the program that influences your actions, you've accessed the key that can open doors to new realities.

So let's say someone wants to increase their earning power from $X,XXX a month to $XX,XXX a month.  But, year after year, her income level stays around the same.  It's safe to say that not much as changed in her thinking and actions over the years.  I say this because the outcome remained the same.  Our subconscious fuels our actions. If it doesn't believe she can earn $XX,XXX a month, then it will offer resistance to her new goals.

If you've set a big goal, the very first step you need to take is to convince your mind that this outcome is actually possible.

If you skip this step, you are setting yourself up for failure.  You desperately need the help of your subconscious to make your intentions possible.  Once your mind fully believes that what you want is attainable, you have pretty much secured your victory.

But we gotta get there first. You have to convince your mind that this thing (which doesn't exist) is as real as life itself. 

This requires a little work on your part.  As a matter of fact, I believe that working on your subconscious should be a pre-requisite for any goal you wish to achieve.  Your mind has to see you as someone who earns $XX,XXX in order to experience this in reality.  Because your actions are so heavily influenced by your subconscious, there's really no way around this.

Which means that much of our work should revolve around experiencing what we want (in our mind's eye) before we actually experience it (in reality).  One of my favorite books on this topic is Psychocybernetics (Maxwell Waltz).  He was a cosmetic surgeon who realized that, even after people drastically changed their appearance, their mind still saw the old version of themselves.  This is also the case when people lose weight only to gain it all back again.  Their minds simply haven't accepted the new reality.

According to Maxwell, your mind is a cybernetic mechanism.  Meaning, its job is to align our actions with the program (beliefs) that it currently holds.  If you believe that "you're fat" your actions will perfectly align that.  I've seen this happen with a friend of mine.  Both of us have held the intention to shed a few pounds.  I have since reached my goal and she still struggles with those same stubborn pounds.

Maxwell encourages us to utilize "the theater of our minds" to create a picture of our new ideal reality.  Our minds have to accept our new desired reality otherwise, we'll fall back into our old actions. These are the same actions that keep our current reality firmly in place.  In the case of my friend and I, our actions regarding our goal of shedding weight were completely different.  For instance, whenever I saw someone who was the size I wanted to achieve, I repeated affirmations and imagined myself when I looked similar.  Every time I saw someone who was at the weight I wanted to be, I felt really good about myself, and the actions to support my new weight were easy to do.  She, on the other hand, focused heavily on her current reality.  My weight seemed to come off so easily while she continued to gain.  Her mind was fixated on "being fat," her actions followed suit, and her reality never changed.

Always, always, always, focus on your new desired reality.  The clearer you can envision it, the better!  Heavily involve your mind in the process and try to eliminate all doubt.  Set a big goal then immediately start working on your belief.  Having the right self image is absolutely critical.  With every goal you set for yourself, ask "what types of beliefs must I hold in order to achieve these intentions?"  Invest some time each day to exercise your subconscious mind either by visualization or immersion.  If you can do both, even better!  There is an unlimited amount of potential available to you. But we must tap into our greatest resource and get out of our own way.


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