Fearless Friday | All you gotta do is say yes.

Happy Friday All!  As mentioned in my list of  2015 intentions, I desire to be fearless.  I also wish to make the process as easy as possible.  I've already discussed the idea of conquering tiny fears one at a time, today I'd like chat with you about the power of saying yes.

You see, most of our "fears" show up in conversation.  People who aren't fearless will typically vocalize their concerns.  When we vocalize our concerns, reasons, and excuses, we are essentially expressing fear.  Because with each concern expressed, you are basically talking yourself into saying no.

There's nothing wrong with that and, you have the right to say no to whatever you want.  Just remember that every time you say no, you get nothing.  If someone asks, "do you want a dollar", and you say"no", you won't get that dollar.   Pretty easy right?
But when you say yes --- EVERY TIME YOU SAY YES-- you get something benefit.  Saying yes allows new experiences, results, and people to enter into your life.  The more you say yes, the more your life will evolve and the more fearless you become.  Fearless people say yes because they know that there's something great on the other side awaiting them.

Saying yes applies to every area of your life.  If there's something on your to-do list that you've been putting off, you are essentially saying no to it.  But if you make it the first priority of the day, you say yes!  And when you do it, you experience increased confidence.  Just know that with every yes, your life improves.

You know who's good a prompting you do to new things?  Your mind.  Throughout the day you are constantly receiving internal prompts to do things like, go to the gym, call the person you've been avoiding, start a business, whatever.  More often than not, you are probably telling yourself no (via inaction or excuses).  But, remember, when you say no, you lose.  So in honor of #fealessfriday I want to you become aware of how you answer to life's promptings. Then I invite you to begin to say "YES" to all that life wants to give to you.

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