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Inspiration found on my Pinterest Boards
It's been colder than normal lately.  How has that impacted your fitness goals?  Are you still as determined as you were on January 1, 2015?  We all know this cold weather won't be around for that much longer.  In two months spring will be upon us.  You have the power make an unbelievable amount of  progress in two months.  But it requires a bit of steadfastness. It's about wanting to enjoy the future you've envisioned more so than the present promise of comfort.   If a toned, fit body is something you desire, you owe it to yourself to achieve that.

Stay committed.


  1. The first girl is Sherica_holmon you should follow her on instagram! she gives great workout and nutrition tips!
    I really need to begin going to the gym and eating healthy again, but i'm so not consistent when it comes to things and goals :(

  2. I just love seeing all these beautiful fit ladies, and they are definitely inspirations. I just wish you would tell,us what their names are so we could follow their journeys and get tips as well.


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