Take this before bed to treat cellulite, fight wrinkles and stay beautiful.

The other day, YouTube recommended a video that I immediately clicked on upon reading the title.  Allegedly, this single ingredient when taken before bed had the potential to help you lose weight and build muscle while you sleep.  You may recall that I once talked about another technique that promotes fat loss while sleeping.  But that one can be a bit uncomfortable.  The method this guy suggested was much more doable.

Essentially, he urged us to make a simple tweak to our evening routine which could ultimately pay off big time.
When we consume collagen peptides before bed, we're  promoting a series of beauty benefits including plumper skin and healthier hair. Beyond that, collagen peptides could have the ability to help us burn fat and build muscle as we sleep.

Collagen peptides are like the powdered version of bone broth.  When we drink in bone broth, we consume countless essential amino acids that keep our skin, joints and connective tissues healthy. I loved drinking bone broth soup but didn't always have it on hand. I wanted to supplement my diet with it every day but it didn't seem feasible.  Powdered collagen is the answer I was looking for.

I checked out several other YouTube videos featuring gals who claimed to experience noticeable benefits to their skin and hair within weeks of consuming a scoop and a half a day.  The testimonials were exciting.  Then I went looking for any scientific evidence of the effects hydrolyzed collagen.  Published study results supported their video testimonies.  One study, in particular, looked at the effectiveness of consuming collagen peptides in dealing with cellulite.  After 6 months of regular use, the women experienced "a clear improvement" in the appearance of their moderate cellulite.

Imagine the impact to our bikini bodies 6 months from now if we started supplementing with collagen peptides now.

It's been a couple days since I've started my collagen peptide regimen and so far, so good.  The powder is water soluble which means it easily dissolves in water and warm liquids. You don't have to worry about it clumping up.  This is probably one of the easiest changes to my regimen that I've ever made.   One of my intentions for the new year is to build up a solid nightly routine and a cup of nourishing collagen water is the perfect way to kick it off.  I'm also making sure to give hubby a glass to ward off the effects of his old football injury.  Since we're drinking lots of water anyway, we might as well make the most of it.

Next on my purchase list is Vital Proteins Marine Collagen.  I'd like to see how it compares to the bovine sourced collagen I'm taking now.  Collagen production starts to decline as early as the age of 25 and by 40, they say your body stops producing it altogether.  It's no-brainer that we should include peptides as a part of our internal beauty health.


  1. End of November, went to a known natural-hair guru for a trim and ended up with a CUT!! Wasn't pleased at all. Just decided I'll grow it back bigger and longer. Also that laser facial left me with a gray cast. After research, ended up with a concoction of bamboo extract powder, ascorbic acid, Vital Proteins collagen (blue) and MSM. I need to be more consistent but I've noticed hair is softer, skin is glowing AND (thought I was imagining it) tighter thighs.

  2. I'm a big fan of Vital Proteins collagen, however, I'm not consistent with taking it daily. After reading this post, I am committed to taking it daily.


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