The Drink That Can Boost Your Metabolism By 30%!

Welcome back.  Time for another installment in our Drink Your Effin' Water series.  This is where I share a gentle reminder to everyone to stay consistent with your water intake.  It all started when we learned that quite a few supermodels and other beauty icons consume as much as a gallon of water a day to stay flawless.

I keep bringing up the topic of drinking enough water daily because all of us need to be reminded of all the goodness that awaits us if we keep up with our water intake.  For those who aren't aware, here are just a few of the incredible benefits.

// Hydrated clear skin
// A happier scalp (less flaking)
// Promotes faster hair growth by delivering nutrients to the scalp.
// Improved mental focus
// Improved digestion.

The list goes on. But what if I were to tell you that there's yet another benefit that could rival all the others on the list.
Ok so, you've heard a thousand times that you should drink a lot of water to help promote a healthy weight.  People say that all the time. But why?

Is it because drinking water prior to a meal can help you feel full? Sure, I mean that's one way to help manage your weight.  And let's not forget how we sometimes confuse thirst for hunger thirst.  When we don't drink enough, we're tempted to eat more in an effort to satisfy our thirst cravings.

That's good to know, but what if I told you that science has given us yet another reason to drink adequate water on a regular basis.  This might be the best one yet!

According to a study I read online.  Drinking water can actually rev up your metabolism!  Yes, girl....drinking water can speed up your caloric burn.  I first starting looking into this after reading an interview featuring Olivia Munn.  You may remember when we talked about Olivia's Instagram Beauty Secret - the Japanese sweet potato.  This is a woman who's serious about her beauty regimen. In the article Olivia, declared water as a major beauty secret.  Everyone does. But Olivia said something that really caught my attention.   She said that one reason why she consumes at least 3 liters a day is because it revved up her metabolism.
via Olivia Munn Instagram

My first thought was "is this girl saying that water boosts metabolism because it sounds good or is there any real truth to this?"  

That's when I stumbled upon the study that the revealed cold hard facts.

Researchers observed a group of participants while monitoring their water intake.  Here's what they discovered.  Drinking 500ml (1 liter of water) increases metabolic rate by 30% in both men and women.  Your metabolic rate is the amount of energy you expand while at rest.  This increase in calorie burn began as quickly as 10 minutes after water consumption and continued for up to an hour.  The researchers then speculated that increasing water intake by 1.5 liters daily could possibly raise daily calorie expenditures up to 17,400 calories a year.  They compared that level of calorie consumption to around 5 lbs of fat burn a year.

If you would like to burn up to 5lbs of fat a year by simply increasing your water intake, raise your hand.  Keep in mind that the study measured resting metabolic rate which means that the perfect time to take advantage of this extra calorie burning opportunity is in between meals (and first thing in the morning).

I mean, who wouldn't want to experience all those benefits I listed above, plus lose extra weight while practically doing nothing.  All you gotta do is drink up.  Recently I picked up this nifty water bottle and it's been a lifesaver. It's exactly 1 liter which means that if I fill it up 4 times, I've consumed nearly a gallon of water.

So let's add drinking adequate water to the list of many things we can do to boost our metabolism. Every time you "don't feel like" drinking water, I want you to remember what you're giving up.  You could be nourishing your cells and amping up your metabolism.  No more excuses.  Drink up!


  1. I am so going to be on the Drink Your Effin Water train this new year!

  2. Everyone should own one of those graduated REI water bottles (bpa free). I have two sizes - 32oz and 48oz. I use the larger one more. Fill it up at the beginning of my workday, finish it by the end of my shift. Then fill it up before I go home. Then finish it before bedtime. Thats 3 liters. Saves the hassle of procuring water.

  3. How Does Water Help In Hair Growth?
    For more Update click on link:

  4. This is definitely one of my goals for 2017! Thanks for the post.

  5. I noticed if I drink 3L plus of water daily, I simply dont have time to eat as much. Ive read it's more beneficial to drink it gradually and evenly. If you gulp large amounts, you lose the benefit b/c most of it will run through you. I'm a healthcare professional and on a busy day, it's very easy to work the day away and next thing you know, three hours has gone by and your forgot to sip. I've now formulated a plan (I'm taking this seriously, lol) to drink a few oz every 15 min, or AT LEAST every half hour. That's why I love my graduated water bottle, I can literally see "oh I just drank 6oz" or 8oz or whatever. I also abide by the rule not to drink 30 min before a meal or 1hr post-meal (some say 2 hrs). I NEVER eat and drink at the same time. So yeah, it doesnt leave much time for overeating or random snacking.


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