[Try This] Jazzma Kendrick's 3 Step Glowy Foundation Routine (with video).

I'm aware that I litterally just published a SnapChat Secrets post but I just stumbled upon another beauty routine that's too goo not to share.

I happened to randomly jump on an Instagram Story that contained a great tip on how to create a glowing visage.  The secret was revealed by Jazzma Kendrick, a gorgeous model who made headlines earlier this year for her on and off again relationship with Italian boyfriend Christian Vieri.  She's also been linked to Naomi Campbell's ex billionaire boyfriend.  But we're not here to discuss her love life, we're here to learn her three step foundation routine that gives her this crazy glow.

The Instagram story begins with Jazzma seated in a luxurious bathroom wearing a comfy white robe. She's about to tell us about a magic show experience from the night before when, all of the sudden, she spills a small bottle of oil.  This prompts her to go on a mini rant full of obscenities and pouting as Jazzma explains that this facial oil is "what keeps this skin looking like butter."

Although Jazzma expressed her desire to cry over the tragedy, she doesn't. Instead she continues on with the story as she rubs some of the salvaged oil on her perfect skin.  After a little bit of on-camera flirting with her boyfriend, Jazzma gets to the important stuff.

Suddenly we see her with a full face of foundation. I leaned in closer to my phone as she began by saying "so someone wanted to know what foundation I use."....... When she reached out of frame to grab the product, I knew we'd be in for another beauty ritual reveal.

Jazzma holds the foundation close to the screen and informs everyone that she uses MAC Matchmaster in 8.5.  "Cool," I thought. That's good to keep in mind when I run out of my current lineup."  I figured that was the end of her reveal but boy was I wrong.  She quickly picks up the next product that she blends with her favorite foundation to give her skin "a little glow" 😉  In her hand is NYX's Liquid Illuminator.

Finally, she shares her entire process by revealing that she mixes both oil and a liquid illuminator with her foundation for a subtle and healthy glow.  It's hard to see the label of the oil she's holding but she does list the ingredients as argan oil, prickly pear seed oil, vitamin C & vitamin E.  Just a few drops of this oil is all she needs to create the desired look.

Lastly, Jazzma informs us that she drenches her face in this oil every morning and every night before bed.  Sound familiar?  Everyone and their momma is on this "go to bed greasy" bandwagon.  Please do yourself a favor and join us if you haven't yet.  I don't know any woman, with amazing skin, who doesn't leverage the power of nourishing oils to achieve the buttery smooth complexion we so deserve.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about when I say go to bed greasy, please read these posts so you can catch up with the rest of the class.

Oh, I have a treat for you. I actually grabbed the videos so you can hear Jazzma's process straight from the woman herself.

(keep scrolling to check out the 3 videos below)


  1. I don't see the links for the videos.

    1. Hi Shay,
      The videos are embedded in the blog post. If you don't see them on your mobile phone, try viewing again from a desktop.

  2. Love the site and I'm so excited to learn about all these new ways to practice self-care. I took a look at her instagram and the spilled oil is likely Elixir of Morocco Face Serum http://www.allarganic.com/Elixir_of_Morocco_Face_Serum/p3089987_14432287.aspx


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