Fitness Motivativation Mini-vids!

There's a cycle I go through where, sometimes I'm a total a gym rat, working out almost on a daily basis.  Then there are other times when life gets in the way and exercise falls way down on my list of priorities.  I will say this....since I began following fit-inspiration pages on Instagram, I find that finding a spark of motivation to "get back at it" is much easier than before.

Long ago, I would see images of women with fit, toned bodies and assumed they just got out of the bed looking that way.  Now that folks are willing to share glimpses of their private lives with total strangers, I realize that having an envy worthy body takes a lot of work and consistency to create.  One thing now understand is how important it is to keep exercise as a priority, not simply a thing to do if there's enough time. 

Every morning I scroll through my Instagram feed and there, in living color, are the usual suspects posting images and videos of themselves "putting in work" before I've even had my breakfast.  In that very moment I'm faced with a decision.  Do I let another morning pass without investing in my health?  Or do I take on the challenge and do something that I'll be proud of myself for? 

In honor of the women who wake up every day and go about the work of sculpting healthy bodies, I would like to share glimpses of their mini-workouts. Hopefully some of you may also be inspired.

Inspired yet?


  1. Thanks for putting these up. The YMCA finally opened across the street from me and I am so excited. I have no excuses now.

  2. Not trying to make excuses for myself, but do any of them work 9-5 and take care of families?

  3. You have to get up early and get it done. It's called dedication!


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