Motivation Monday | Engaging in the Vacuum Law of Prosperity

The end of 2013 is fast approaching.  This time of year my thoughts are flooded ideas on how to create intentions that bring in a powerful new year.  One of my favorite things to do, at the end of year is to declutter.  I'm not talking about straightening things up & cleaning the house, I'm talking about the removal of excess physical items from my environment.

There is nothing quite like the feeling that comes over me once I've removed clutter and created new space in my home.  It feels almost spiritual.  When I was a child, my mother would tell me to clean my room.  I would "clean" by  throwing out a few things but mainly by putting stuff away (or hiding them in inconspicuous places).  Then I would go to school or spend a Saturday out and return to find that my mother had completely decluttered the entire room.  The only things I could see was a neatly folded bed and a few of my favorite items strategically placed on my dresser.  I could not tell you how good it felt to sleep in such an organized environment.  It was like all the energy around me shifted.

Unfortunately for me, my true nature is to collect things.  And I don't easily get rid of something once I have it.  So, of course, my items begin to take on a mind of their own causing me to have to intervene via a massive decluttering session.  I normally do it at the end of the year because I believe it kicks of a fresh start for the year ahead.  When my surroundings aren't cluttered suddenly the clutter of my mind is removed and I think clearer.  When I think clearer, I'm better able to focus on the intentions I wish to bring about.  I'm "creating a space for new people, experiences, abundance and joy" to enter into my life.

You can imagine the elation I felt when I found a Youtube video online that actually talks about decluttering as a way of engaging in the "Law of Vacuum Prosperity."  Never having heard about this law before, I was intrigued to learn more.  Some say that when we get rid of the old things in our lives that no longer serve it's purpose, we create the space for new to come in.  We create the space for what we desire, to come in.  I've experienced this in my life many times.  It seems like whenever I operate in a clear, clean environment, I'm not the same person.  I'm like Eddie, in Limitless who suddenly has ideas, takes action, operates without barriers and achieves at a higher level.   It's pretty amazing.  And I just love the fact that I can evoke "this law" into my life whenever I desire just by getting rid of clutter.  In 2014, I will operate under this law at least once a quarter rather than once a year.

Enough of my rambling.  Take a look about what Randy Gage has to say about this topic.

Who's ready to declutter their space to create new possibilities in their lives?


  1. hi! You should read Catherine Ponder's "law of prosperity", she talks in depth about this law. She talks about it in relation to money as well, how the minute you feel "broke", you should give what ever little you do have, in faith and gratitude, and then whatever you need will be provided.

    Great video, I've never heard of the guy... and now I will have to look him up:)

  2. I found her book on Youtube and have been listening to it the past few days. It's good stuff.

  3. i am praying for you.


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