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The official "end of the year decluttering"  is in full effect.  The other day invested some time sorting through my facial products, chucking out old items and those that I no longer wanted to use in my current regimen.  That's when I stumbled about a  bottle of Aveda Botanical Kinetics exfoliant.

"Hmm", I thought to myself, "I wonder why I stopped using it".   I remembered that since I started using apple cider vineger as a toner, I pretty much gave up everything else.  There I stood contemplating what to do next.  Was this product worth keeping or should I toss it? The most logical step to take was to grab a cotton ball and give it a go.

The moment I completed my experience, I remembered why I bought such a large bottle in the first place.  Let me start off by saying that this stuff smells heavenly.  It's got such a wonderful fresh, botanical scent which reminds me of a decadent spa experience each time I use it.

Amazing scent aside, I just love how cool and refreshing this feels against my skin.  As you know, I've written many posts on exfoliation in the past.  I have several products that remove dead skin through of the use of physical exfoliation.  This wonderful product mildly exfoliates by lifting dirt and removing dull surface cells. Yet it's gentle enough for daily use.

Even after cleansing then toning with ACV, Aveda's exfoliant is still able to pull dirt from deep down (as evident by the residue on my cotton ball). This is a perfect winter exfoliator because of how gentle and non-drying it is. Honestly, this is the most gentle (and most effective) cleanser/purifier I own.   I can't wait to add it back into rotation.   There are so many uses for this incredible product.  When my skin needs a mid-day pick me up, I'm reaching for a cotton ball for a quick moment of invigoration. Not to mention the times when I want to gently remove dirt without doing a full cleansing routine. This gets the job done in just a few moments. Let's not forget those nights when laziness strikes and I'm tempted to go to bed without washing my face.  At least now I can compromise by removing all the dirt off my face with just a few strokes of a cotton ball.

Another plus is the myriad of natural ingredients that you'll find in it including lavender, witch hazel and other plant extracts.  There's also salicylic acid to help keep the skin free of blemishes.  Man, I am so glad I gave this another shot.   I've fallen back in love with it and have used it daily since our reunion.

Now, I truly remember why I made an investment in this liquid exfoliant. I bought a bunch of other Aveda products around the same time but all of them are in a 2 oz size.  I obviously felt strongly enough about it's effectiveness to purchase in the largest size available.  Since my rediscovery I've had the pleasure of using it several times. Each time I experience it I again I kick myself for forgetting about it.

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