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Gianvito Rossi Gladiator Sandals | source | similar
If I suddenly became the recipient of an undisclosed amount of lottery winnings, one of my splurges  would be a pair of designer gladiator heels.  I could see it now.....after walking into a crowded room wearing simple, understated clothing, everyone's eyes would immediately be drawn to my perfectly crafted heels.  I'd walk with the grace of gazelle knowing that my shoes were absolutely stunning.
Guiseppe Zanotti Ankle Strap Sandal
I'm known to splurge on hair products and handbags but rarely do I spend a lot of money on shoes.  This stems from my past experience of wearing cheap shoes until they literarily fell apart. For me, shoes were meant to be worn until you had to throw them away.  There was no such thing as paying over $1,000 for heels.  That would be insane. Right?

 But maybe there's an alternate universe where shoes are an investment meant to bring unlimited amounts enjoyment for years to come.  Maybe high quality shoes cause a person to walk stride with their head a little higher.  Maybe there is a difference.

                                                                  (get the look for less)


  1. I've had that same conversation with myself many a time. My shoes take a beating so I don't want to spend a lot of money on them. And when I do buy the occassional designer shoe, I tend to baby them, and not wear them as often, and then a I feel like it might not have been the best use of my money.... but those gladiator guiseppe's - fantastic! Get them!

  2. AhhhsoNeo, you're no help. Quit enabling me. :)

  3. not to tempt you or anything, but the Guiseppe's are not 30% off on the saks website!


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