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In an effort of break out of the terrible habit of wearing dreary house attire on the weekends, I've decided to share a few pieces of inspiration to bring a little style into the weekend. Some of us dress up all week then discard all semblance of style come Saturday.  Or maybe you're like me and have to don a uniform to work day after day and wish to express your individualism on off days.  Either way, we all can use a little inspiration.   In an effort to spark something new, I'm sharing a few pieces of inspiration to bring a little style into your weekend.  
Months (or years) ago, your eyes landed on that perfect dress that you had to have.  Now that dress sits idly, in the back of a closet ,waiting for the next special occasion.  Chances are, that occasion might not come. If it does, you'll probably be like "I have nothing to wear." Why allow all of that potential to go to waste?  There's no better time to wear that dress than now.  The weekend is a mini-celebration of the completion of another week. For two days, you have complete control over your time, and how you want to look and feel. Why not look your best?
Sometimes we make a statement with something other than what we are wearing.  In most workplaces, excessive accessories is frowned upon.  But there are no rules come Friday night.  If you are like me, you've amassed quite a collection of amazing bangles, bracelets and such.  Looking at them stacked in your jewelry case does you no good.  Break take those babies out this weekend. 
One trend that everyone item on everyone's must have list should be a pair of beautifully embellished/printed shorts.  Paired with a basic tee, these shorts can be worn to brunch with friends or on weekend shopping trips.  I know that you've been diligent in making sure your legs are flawless, so why not flaunt them?
Running out of the house with just a basic t-shirt and a pair of old comfy jeans? No worries, just complete the whole look with a quality blazer and you're good to go.  It literally takes the entire look up several notches. Pair with your favorite structured bag + simple jewelry and you're likely to be mistaken for an off duty runway model.

Which look are you going to try this weekend?

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